QS5700 Sleeve 100% Kevlar Knitted

Key Features
Kevlar provides increased protection against cuts, slashes and abrasion
Soft Kevlar fibres and seamless construction will not irritate arms, even during long periods of wear
100% Kevlar aramid fibre offers increased resistance to heat
Double Ply Kevlar
Offers increased protection to the arm from cuts and abrasion (not applicable to loose fit sleeve)
Thumb slot
Ensures that the sleeve will not slip exposing the wrist or arm
May be washed by machine or dry cleaned

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6822325 - QS5700 Sleeve 100% 14" Kevlar Knitted size 14 / 35cm
6822326 - QS5710 Sleeve 100% 18" Kevlar Knitted size 18 / 45cm

Technical Data Sheet